At Pirouette we love start ups and independent labels. We are thrilled when designers contact us about a new brand that fits perfectly with our vision and aesthetics. Freshly launched, Wild Boys & Girls is a good example of what makes us jump out of our seats with joy.

Originally from Germany, Annie Kruse started to work in London after her degree in communication arts in Hamburg. She worked in various design & direct marketing agencies before setting up on her own. But design work came pretty much to a halt in 2010 after she gave birth to Felix, then Leo (4 and 5 years old).

Missing the work as a graphic designer and finding herself spending hours online pinning, instagramming and reading design and kids blogs, she started as a place to gather her inspirations and *eye candy*. This in turn inspired her to design some hip kids apparel & decor for her little wild ones… That’s how Wild Boys & Girls was born.‎

Wild Felix and Leo inspired Annie Kruse to design some minimal urban t-shirts and kids room accessories, a good way to continue feeding their wonderful imagination. Her unisex graphics are simple and iconic in white, grey and black, appealing to parents who share her contemporary design aesthetic.

If you are reading this post while in the process of launching a kidswear brand, Annie will be a good source of inspiration. You can read her series of blog posts this week about the design process, trials & tribulations of launching the brand whilst juggling motherhood. “It’s a challenge but I LOVE it! All of it!” she says. The most important thing to keep in mind, besides impeccable taste and talent, is probably Annie’s contagious enthusiasm. Personally, I could not resist it.