I don’t know if it is this timid New York spring weather or the gorgeous pictures on their website but Yoli & Otis, a brand new Australian-based brand, completely stole my heart and makes me longing for summer. If I didn’t have a mini mini at home I would definitely want to have one just to be able to try those Herbal Dyed Organic baby Carriers. They are simple, elegant and seem super easy to use.  The icing on the cake: they are made with love in India, a country close to my heart for having lived there for three years.

What I like about Yoli and Otis is that nothing seems “marketing oriented”. The whole philosophy behind the brand feels like a natural continuity with the creators lifestyle and beliefs. When you look at their amazing instagram account or read interviews from them it all makes sense. It looks like the process that leads to the final product was very organic.

The Yoli and Otis story started with a baby… Isn’t it wonderful how children brings out the best in us and makes us go places we never thought we would be able to go to? Lena and Carlo just had their first child. They asked themselves “how can we provide her with the best life possible?”. They ended up with three important things: Good Health-Safety and Happiness. The Yoli & Otis Carrier was designed to cover all three of those things through the initial stages of childhood.

In the past 3 years, Lena and Carlo have moved 9 times between Spain, Australia and India. They are gracefully embracing change and are always forward-looking. They are definitely inspiring on-the go parents whose curiosity and wanderlust never stops. So what would make more sense than creating a baby carrier to keep their baby safe? Besides, the positive effects of “carrying” your child, especially in the very first months of his/her life, is not to prove anymore as they are well aware. Scientific research demonstrates that frequent skin contact is one of the most important stimuli for a newborn to ensure healthy physical, intellectual and social development. By using a baby carrier, your baby is able to rest against your skin and hear your heartbeat which reminds him/her of the womb easing the transition from womb to world. It creates a sense of security and closeness your little one needs to feel calm and promotes sleep. Not to mention the convenience to be able to breastfeed anywhere. And, of course, being hands-free is a huge advantage when it comes to tight schedules and busy environments.

The Yoli and Otis wraps are made of organic cotton eliminating any health risk. Organic cotton is pesticide-free, long-stable, feels softer and is more breathable. On top of being better for the baby’s health and our environment, it is interesting to know that organic cotton plants produce fibers that yield stronger yarn and more durable fabrics.

All Yoli and Otis baby carrier are made with all-natural dyes from botanical sources such as turmeric, henna, aloe vera and indigo. The colors are totally in tune with mother nature and take on tones such as moss, clay, sage, peat, blue Lechenaultia and white rose.

Manufacturing in India was a choice. Not only did Carlo and Lena love their organic cotton, found the perfect team to start this adventure with but they also are fond believers of Karma, an Indian philosophy. They say that “Many aspects of Indian religions reflect the widely held belief that karma may be shared. They love children. Babies are seen to be the purest form of innocence, which we have to agree with. Thus, leading us to genuinely believe our carriers are made with the sincerest form of love and an abundance of good Karma.”

The wrap can be worn in three ways from newborn to 15 kg/33 lbs. In true life cycle mode, the Yoli & Otis carry bags also double as beach pouches and all gift wrapping is made from Eco-friendly materials.

I really love the organic approach to this baby carrier, as well as their minimalist chic designs. I love their subtle neutral tones and their simple yet modern patterns. I love that they thought about a hassle free wearing (no ties, buckles, clips or rings) which contributes without a doubt to a positive baby wearing experience. Yoli & Otis baby wrap will make you shine. You wear the baby carrier and it is not the other way around. Everything is thought to enhance maximum comfort and convenience which will ultimately create a happy environment for you and your baby. And a happy mommy helps to make a happy baby… Isn’t it what every parent wants?
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