Following on from their initial film Charney Magri and Ramzi Moutran have shared the second part of Catwalk to creation – a fascinating and informative film looking at solutions for sustainability in the fashion industry.

The Fashion industry produces over 150 billion garments each year. ‘We cannot afford for sustainable  products to just be niche’ says Nicole Rycroft, the Founder of Canopy.

The second part of the film looks at the impact of clothes production with the current economic model and what solutions currently exist and need to be found so to have a truly sustainable fashion industry.

“68% of all fibres used in fashion are now synthetic”.
Tamsin Lejeune, CEO, Common Objective

The film benefits from contributions from industry people and brands leading the conversation in how the fashion industry can go from the old linear methodology to a true ‘circular fashion’ model.

“We know that polyester is responsible for shedding microfibres which itself is responsible for 1/3 of pollution in the ocean and 85% of human debris on our shore.”
Orsola De Castro, Founder Fashion Revolution


Contributors and Partners to the film
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