French e-store Noeuf launches its eponymous collection for children. Called Colorama, the line offers highly products thought for everyday life. Beautifully made eco-conscious and sustainable, they embraces values dear to Noeuf.

For Helene Borderie, founder of Noeuf, colour is a great childhood joy and children are happy to wear it from the tip of their fingers to the top of their head. With the colorama line, young children can learn to know the different names in the colour palette, recognise them and pick their favourite. Colour can be seen just like perfume: it has a strong evocative power and becomes the heart of the wardrobe.

Colorama uses environmental and health safe dyes, on a high-grade and chemical-free cotton.  

The colours are named after their childhood souvenirs (from songs, books, games…): Petite Taupe,  Bleu Saturnin, Joli Coquelicot, Colonel Moutarde, Mommy’s Blush.

Luna Jacket Joli Coquelicot  (100% super soft cotton fleece little jacket) – 47.00€


Gabriel Tunisian T-Shirt Colonel Moutarde (100% super soft cotton Tunisian T-Shirt)26.00€