Visiting Playtime Paris gives you a shot of optimism. The show is a concentration of playful, uplifting, beautiful things made with passion by people who aim to make the planet a better world. Here’s a quick report on this excellent edition.

Perhaps because they are almost all parents, the fact is that brands showing there work hard to bring high quality, intelligent products to the market. The large majority of exhibitors understand the problems our children will face if the system and way we currently live is not changed.

Playtime Paris July 14 - Oyu Moyu Ode to our Green Planet – Oyu Moyu

Large corporations and brands now have to struggle to keep their clients, and invest a lot of money and effort to “be good or be doomed”, but the way to accomplish this comes naturally to all these independent small brands. They deliver more than merely a product. Many of them focus on organic, sustainable production, they care about the provenance of the materials, the relationship with their manufacturers, how they can work to improve waste, protect children from toxic substances, help artisans, etc.

Playtime Paris July 14

Press ofiice entrance – Wanda Kujacz 

About 30 new brands have joined the show, including Stella McCartney. This edition is rich, very consistent yet showing a great array of products and styles. With trend areas, press stands, lively chill out spaces and a design exhibit, there’s constant visual stimulation in the alleys. The  exhibitors make a great effort in decorating their booths or in presenting their products in an inspiring way that reflects a trend or their core values.

Playtime Paris July 14 ' Milk&Biscuits

I had a total crush on Biscuit&Milk who won the well deserved Milk prize. The brand created a lot of buzz with its amazing collection for boys and girls. A Brit from Devon, Kate Smith the founder lives in Shanghai with her Chinese husband and their two children. The line is absolutely charming, the colour palette and use of illustration is very refreshing, and the texture of fabrics and knits is remarkable.

This edition, even more than previous ones, had lots of nods to the circus and fun fair, showing flags, clowns, masks, crazy colours and fun animals. But more importantly, lots of wilderness through animals and plants: giant green leaves coming from a friendly jungle. A way to remind us that nature is so important to us? For sure a way to bring a great amount of good mood!

Playtime Paris July 14 - Tootsa McGintey

Friendly lion – Toosta McGintey

Playtime Paris July 14 - Jumina

Dresses that look like costumes coming from the attic – Jumina

Playtime Paris July 14

Pandas, monkeys, lions – Milk on the Rocks.

Playtime Paris July 14

Owls and feathers – Budd kids

What also caught my eye is an incredible amount of wonderful products for boys. I will expand on this next week. Stay tuned!