Formidable Family Kinzie Riehm

Ken Kinzie and April Riehm of Kinzie+Riehm live in Orlando, Florida with their kids Jake and Ionie and their newborn baby Keira. Ken and April met while at The Southeast Center for Photographic Studies where they first began collaborating on photo projects. They love…

Formidable Family Ryan-Demenge

The loft of Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan's has been featured in quite a few magazines. You might remember the swing in the living area, the slide in the kid's room and the collection of vintage object, including wooden school desks and class maps. Founders of the brand…

Formidable Family Adamo – London

Co-founder of Babyccino Kids, Courtney Adamo lives in London with her husband Michael and their three children, Easton (7), Quin (5) and Ivy (3). Courtney was raised on a tulip farm in a tiny town north of Seattle,  USA, she studied in Chicago then lived in LA. In 2003 her…

Formidable Family Deane – Los Angeles

They own a cool brand of art-inspired lifestyle products, they  live in a charming house, they have two fun little girls and they are the most radiant, smiling people I have met in the industry. I am very honoured to feature Olivia Haviland and Freddy Deane, founders of Smiling…

Formidable Family Dönhardt – Barcelona (Lila&Tom, Petitmag)

The owners of Lila & Tom Agency, Kathleen and Jan live in Barcelona with their children Tom (almost 5) and Lila (7). There is something absolutely quaint about

Formidable Family Erikkson - Stockholm

Formidable Family Erikkson – Stockholm

Lisa, her husband Pelle and their Wilmer, 3,5 years old live in central Stockholm. Their three bedrooms apartment is located on the second floor of a building from the 60s. Lisa and Pelle are both graphic designers.

Formidable Violaine – Paris

Violaine, her husband Benoit and their son Achille live in Paris 18eme (next to Le Sacre Coeur). Violaine Belle-Croix has a passion for magazines, no matter if paper or online, well established or emerging, related to kids or to adults. She contributes to many publications…

Formidable Family Ings – London

Simon Ings, Melina Michael and their two daughters Elive (7) and Lula (4) live in Mayfair (London, UK), in a small but very luminous apartment full of  art, toys and wonders.