Co-founder of Babyccino KidsCourtney Adamo lives in London with her husband Michael and their three children, Easton (7), Quin (5) and Ivy (3). Courtney was raised on a tulip farm in a tiny town north of Seattle,  USA, she studied in Chicago then lived in LA. In 2003 her husband-to-be (also American, from Las Vegas) convinced her to follow him in London “just for a year”.

Nine years later the Adamo, who have become British citizens, live in a beautiful house they bought and restored in Highgate (North London).

What’s the best thing about living in London? The access to the rest of Europe. And I think it’s one of the most interesting cities — so many interesting people, cultures, ideas, etc.
And the worse? The weather for sure! (And it’s sooooo far from our families.)
The best thing about your area? It’s so close to Hampstead Heath. Taking a walk in the Heath can make all your troubles melt away.
Your favourite room in the house? I love my office because it’s my own little space, organised the way I like it (and it looks out at the garden). But I think my favourite room in the house is our kitchen — it’s always very light because of the large skylight, and it also looks out at the garden, and it’s where you’ll find my children (colouring) and my husband (cooking).
Favourite places in London? Notting Hill for the shopping, Melrose & Morgan for the coffee, Soho for the restaurants (and people watching), Hampstead Heath to escape, Moro for the food, Marylebone High Street (my favourite street in London).



About Babyccino :

The blog started in the Autumn of 2007. The shopping portal/market place was launched last year in June (it’s nearly one year old).

Babbyccino represents the best and most stylish children’s webshops. There are over 250 children’s shops on Babbyccino, including Smallable, Little Fashion Gallery, Sweet William, Thumbeline, Elias & Grace, PetitHOOD, Sisters Guild, AlexandAlexa. Babbyccino also represents  specific brands like Wovenplay, Tutu du Monde, Aravore, Waddler, Stella McCartney Kids, Hucklebones, Caramel Baby & Child, Goat Milk, etc, all brands that have a webshop on their site.

The parenting/lifestyle blog linked to it is updated twice a day and covers a variety of topics: children’s fashion, new product reviews, toys, decor, craft projects, easy family recipes, children’s books, etc. etc. It is written by several mums in several different cities across the world, so it offers a very international perspective on stylish parenting, etc.

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