This lovely cardboard house has something very British. Called ‘1Rose Place’, it is the first dollhouse in the Archidoll’s Collection by Tiphaine Verdier Mangan. The perfect gift for girls who love to build and play with small dolls and creatures (ours is currently full of happy Sylvanians!).

The collection will allow children to discover the different type of houses of the world through playing in them. First destination is London with 1Rose Place. Indeed, its rectangular shape, its brick facade and its colourful windows make the house a perfect, typical London maisonette.
CardBox doll House
Like real little architects, children will have fun of building the house and the 13 cardboard pieces of furniture that are included in the pack. A sheet of repositionable stickers  will then allow decorating the house. With its contemporary graphics and shapes, 1Rose Place is not only a creative toy but also a lovely decorative piece, easy to hang on any wall.
doll house