April fools, April showers, April the month of Milano Mobile, the super exciting and vibrant event that turns Milan into an absolute must-visit place for almost a whole week. It will be the 4th edition of kidsroomZoom!. Here’s the selection of  brands and artists, all around children’s design.

What is kidsroomZoom! ?

kidsroomZOOM! is an exhibition dedicated to the design and art for children. It is the only event of its kind and the most important one in the field of childhood during Milan Design Week.

Where/when will it take place?

In a very cool apartment, on the mezzanine floor of a residential early XIX century building, located in an exclusive area in the heart of Milan, close to the Triennale Design Museum and  to the Vico Magistretti Tower.

Milan Design Week 2014 | April 8 > 13 – Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

Address : via Giuseppe Revere 6 / via GB Vico 1. Milano, Italy.

Brand & Designers on display

blueroom (CH) blueroom.ch, by KlipKlap (DK) byklipklap.dk, Matteo Bissaca (I) matteobissaca.it, BLUC (I) lucabosca.com, bumoon (F) bumoon.com, CAFFELATTEACOLAZIONE (I) caffelatteacolazione.it, DUEPUNTISPAZIO (I) duepuntispazio.com, Fabulous Goose (DK) fabgoose.com, emmis klemmis (SE/I) emmisklemmis.com, georges (F) georges-me.com, IK&SK Design (FR) ikskdesign.com, il mondo di EVE (I) ilmondodieve.com, il Saccotto MADE IN ITALY (I) saccotto.it, It’s GREAT DESIGN (FR) greatdesign.fr,  JulicaDesign (DE) julica-design.de, Kalon Studios (USA)kalonstudios.com, Kid’s Modulor (I) kidsmodulor.blogspot.com, Kidskoje (DE) kidskoje.com, lallabà (I) lallaba.it, ovalà (I) ovala.it, lealdesign (PT) lightboxleal.com, Linea MammaBaby (I) lineamammababy.com, THE LI’L MARKET (I) thelilmarket.com, LITOGAMI (FR) litogami.fr, Little Cabari (F/I)littlecabari.com, Looodus (ZA), LOUIS LE SEC (FR) louislesec.com, matca studio (I) matcastudio.com, matitecolorate (I) matitecolorate.it, MOLUK (CH)moluk.com, Muzzle-design (PT) muzzle-design.com, MV% Ceramics Design (I) mv-ceramicsdesign.it, NONAH (FR) nonah.fr, nuun kids design (ES)nuunkidsdesign.com, Puella Petite (I) puella.it, RIJADA (LV) rijada.lv, Romborosa (I) romborosa.it, Planet (USA) smilingplanet.net, STOCS (NL) stocs.nl, Storialab (AT) storialab.com, Studio delle Alpi (LU) studiodellealpi.com, TANTOOO – ANTONIO SCARPONI / Conceptual Devices (I/CH) tantooo.com, PROGETTINCORSO & Kid’s Modulor (I) progettincorso.com, Torsteinsen Design (NO) torsteinsen.no, Tash Creations (I) tashcreations.com, Toys (PL) uglytoys.com.pl, Un samedi… (F) unsamedi.com, CD&Z Design4kids (I) cidizeta.it, YellowOffice (I) yellowoffice.it, 3AG ROAaaaR (I) 3AG.it

Artists on display

Aurora Cacciapuoti (I) auroracacciapuoti.com, Martina Della Valle (I) martinadellavalle.blogspot.it, Samuele Menin (I), Flaminia Veronesi (I)flaminiaveronesi.com, NERITAGLI Rugggero Asnagho (I) neritagli.blogspot.it

Bonus / Special feature

kidroomZoom! will be honouring Attilio Cassinelli, one of the most important Italian illustrators for kids from the sixties to nowadays. His wonderful characters will be shown in a special area of the kidsroomZOOM!’s house.



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