Dou’s story begins with a question…

‘How’ to spark a child’s imagination…

“Dou?” means “how?” in Japanese. The designers behind Dou wooden toys believe in the child’s unlimited imagination. They hope that these beautiful wooden toys will be a catalyst for creative play. Sparking questions in the child’s mind, such as…

  • How do you think about it?
  • How does it work?
  • How do you want to play?

Starting the child’s imaginative journey, believing questions are just the start of communication between children and parents. Dou’s aim is for the child to remember their toys fondly when they are grown up through the recollection of imaginative childhood memories.

We love the Little DJ decks, Carry me & Little Chef!

Duo launched in December 2018 with products available from May 2019

Dou wooden toys - little DJ

Little DJ wooden toy - Dou wooden toys

Dou Little Chef sliced vegetables - Dou wooden toys

Dou kids playing with wooden toys - Dou wooden toys

Dou is part of Kondo Co. Ltd an educational toy producer in Japan.