Among the products seen at London’s Design Week, the furniture by IO KIDS DESIGN stayed with me. A brand new line for children, made of  Scandinavian birch plywood.  “It has been inspired by our children”, explains Mina Panic of Io Kids Design. “The name IO comes from the obsession of my eldest daughter with planets; Io is a moon of Jupiter, that she is fond of. She is also so obsessed with bunk beds and we decided to create our own.” Design Junction was the very first launch for Io and  the show has been very successful with a long list of retailers expressing great interest for this elegant, functional and well manufactured line. IO KIDS DESIGN decided to use Scandinavian birch for its strength, warmth and durability. The wood is laminated to provide extra protection and ensuring longer lasting. A list of retail stores will be available soon, but meanwhile the beds and other pieces of furniture will be available online this week, and they can be shipped worldwide. Great news for all the bunkbed addicts!