Designed in Europe and handmade in Thailand, Numero 74 displays a great list of dream items for home and for the family. Camp beds, blankets, cushions, cot bumpers, travel changing pads, dresses, mini coat racks and hangers, party costumes, furniture…everything in a simple clean style, gorgeous cottons and subtle colour palette. The ideal place to shop for a new home or to prepare the arrival of a newborn, in style. 

The brand is very young but the two founders Poupy Sfez and Nancy Fanton have done things with quick tempo, filling out their online store with many product categories. Their inspirations come from Italy, Thailand, France and Ibiza, where they travel, work and live.

Here’s a selection of products I made among nearly hundred products :

Tatami, 100% cotton, Handmade in Thaïland, from 69 euros

Camp bed, metal and cotton, Handmade in Thaïland, 180 euros

Mia dress, 100% cotton, several sizes, from 1 to 8 years, Handmade in Thaïland, 24 euros

Stef overall, 100% cotton, two sizes, 3-6 months and 9-12 months, Handmade in Thaïland, 32 euros

Set of 6 metal hangers, Handmade in Thaïland, 10 euros

Star cushion, 100% cotton, Handmade in Thaïland, from 25 euros

Cot bumber, 30x190cm, 100% cotton, Handmade in Thaïland, from 45 euros

Travel changing pad, 50x70cm, 100% cotton, from 30 euros

Set of 3 towels, 100% cotton, Handmade in Thaïland, from 30 euros

Suitcase, 100% cotton, Available in 6 colours, 20x30x10cm, Handmade in Thaïland, 84 euros

Mini hanging rack, metal, Handmade in Thaïland, 120 euros

Click here to read an interview with the founders of Numero 74.