Based in Paris, Jippi promotes Norwegian design from the past and the present, by using natural and exclusive materials. Their sheepskins, reindeer skins, vases, small pieces of furniture are all highly desirable, and their latest collection of plaids Roros Tweed, in collaborations with Inga Sempé, Kristine Five Melvær and studio Anderssen & Voll, is really exquisite. 

The Mikkel range by Kristine Five Melvær is inspired by the Bauhaus and is an exploration of the use of contemporary colors on a traditional weaving base.

Giboulée by Inga Sempè expresses its distinctive style, mixing poetry and simplicity. It is available in 5 versions of color, its pattern is two-tone with a diagonal rhythm. It is thick drops falling, pushed by a strong wind.

Punkt by studio Anderssen & Voll is woven in a thinner, lighter quality than that normally used by Roros Tweed. It is great, generous, foldable and comes in 4 versions of colors.