Caring for tomorrow, NONAH offers ecological furniture for children, made of solid European wood from sustainable forests, with water based lacquer and natural oil. This family business founded in 2007 is run by its founders, brothers and sister MarcBruno and Claire Savoldelli.

The story began when Claire decided she wanted to leave the corporate environment and when her brother Bruno, an architect, started to design pieces of furniture, mainly for his daughters.

Six years after its launch, NONAH has close to 1000 clients around the world, including Carte Blanche in Toulouse, Nomad (Paris and online) Hop Like A Bunny in London, JakeandMaya (UK, online), Tebbys&Co  in Taiwan.

“In addition to create great designs, we all wanted to make a real and true effort to work with the purest natural materials towards top quality products“.

Their most successful piece is the amazing Salamandre bookcase. It combines solid birch cabinets with steel components. An easy piece to adapt to any home with its vibrant playful colours inside or outside and its curved shapes.

New to the range, the Galapagos set of shelves is inspired by the Salamandre bookcase, it can be displayed in such way to create a wall archipelago.

Claire, who graduated in IT and Economics, moved to the UK 17 years ago to work for a large english bank. Her new life allowed her to move to the sea side in Bournemouth, where she lives with her  husband and 4 children.

Marc is specialised in project management in financial and accounting areas. He lives in Switzerland with his family of 3 boys.

Bruno the architect lives in Aix en Provence with his 3 daughters.