In the small family of beautifully-made, modern furniture for  children, Rafa-kids is a brand that counts.  You’ve probably seen their beds, but here’s their new product, the K Desk.

Behind Rafa-kids are two married architects, Agata and Arek. She takes care of the esthetic side of the designs, and he is the technical brain of the duo.

When their first son was born they decided to create affordable children furniture both technical and beautiful, because they didn’t find anything they liked in the market. A classical story, but yes, that’s how the first bed was made. Encouraged by the positive reactions and requests, they decided to take the adventure further and they created RaFa, named after the first letters of their family members.

The K desk took many long months to be designed, developed and tested and it brings satisfaction and pride for Agata and Arek as it is truly a Rafa-kids piece, combining high quality and a playful touch.

The desk has multifunctions, it can be set in two different positions opened and close, when closed the furniture becomes clean and elegant. Once you lift the lid you discover another layer, with rounded edges, invisible connectors and soft closing lid. These small details make Rafa stand out giving your children an elegant and practical room.