Carlo is only 21 months but has already a strong and colorful personality. He is the son of Laurence, owner of Vestibule,  a beautiful fashion and lifestyle concept store in Zurich that she created a few years ago making her dream come true.

Carlo lives in Zürich. He loves buttons, ducks and monkeys, opening bottles and jokes. He is very curious and open. He loves to run around his apartment and play hide and seek with his daddy. Right now he is having a “no-no” phase, he says no to anything! His parents call him Mr. Nein (no in german) and try to joke with him to make it change into Mr. Ja (yes)…

Laurence started with women’s wear and is soon opening a children’s corner. She is a true fashion lover who has become an influential fashion figure but still keeps the same passion and excitement about what she does than in the very beginning.

Here’s a bit more about Laurence and Carlo… 


What do you think your child is going to be when he/she grows up A mechanic engineer – he is precise, likes to understand how things work and play with smaller objects like lego or screw bottle on bottle caps. A warehouse man – he loves to put things back in boxes. A shoe vendor or a model – he loves to try shoes on (also from mom and dad) and have us watch him. An interpret – he likes to translate words from French to Italian and vice-versa, as Mom speaks French with him, and Dad Italian. A politician – Carlo is very communicative. Recently we were having brunch at a restaurant, he went to all tables showing himself and telling his name… that’s why I thought he would be a good politician

What is his/her big dream at the moment? To own his own cellphone!

Is he scared of anything? He doesn’t like when something (food or object) is too warm because he burnt himself some months ago, and is always very prudent when tasting/touching something new. He says “hot” and “be careful”.

What are his favourite films and books? Comptines pour bebe on You-Tube, and a book with a duck and a butterfly…. He loves computers and smartphones but we don’t really allow him yet to watch them /use them. He seems to love browsing fashion magazines more than children image books… which makes me very happy as a fashion shop owner !

Something you did recently that with your child that he really loved: Watching real cows in a field and compare them with plastic ones. Watching real monkeys at the zoo and compare them with the monkey that is on his father’s t-shirt (which he wears only at home thank god :-) )

The best holidays he ever had ? Probably in London for Christmas because almost the whole family (including grandparents and aunt) gathered and spent full days with him.

A place that he would dream to visit : He is happy wherever he is, as long as he is with people!

 His favorite outfit or the piece your like the most from your wardrobe ? I love his golden goose sneakers and his Bonton petrol blue cardigan. He likes our beanies and hats and loves to wear them (and hear compliments !)

The next item he would so dearly love to get ? Anything that opens or can be activated in any way.

If he had a magic wand, what do you think your child would you do with it right now? Spend more time with mum and dad… we have been working a lot these days.


Laurence is one of those moms who seems to have it all: a wonderful family, lots of friends and a successful career. She has this incredible contagious happiness that makes you want to have her around all the time and is the kind of person impossible not to love. You can follow her on facebook or @vestibulezurich on Instagram.

 The place you love near your home : Rietberg park, which is lovely and quiet and yet in the city. Salon, a nice coffee and brunch place


A film that you saw recently and that staid with you? Any movie from Wes Anderson (like Grand Budapest Hotel or the Tennenbaums, which is one of my favourite films ever)

The film that you love to see with the whole family? Carlo is still too small to watch movies, but I guess I’ll show him some vintage Disney movie like Aristochats, as long as animals are still more interesting to him than warriors and weapons….

The book on your bedside table ? Any crime stories from Jussi Adler-Olssen

The children’s brands your cherish? Bonton, Caramel Baby and Child, Oeuf, Zef, Golden Goose shoes for kids. All of them will soon be available at my store, where we will open a kid’s corner.  But also Album di Famiglia and Monoprix in France, they have great baby and kid’s stuff with very good value for money.

The children’s stores you love to visit and buy from: Very soon, our new Vestibule kid’s corner. Yoya Mart in NYC. Petit Aime in London. Any Bonton or Bonpoint shop in the world.

What do you buy online? I buy clothing for me and my baby, kid’s stuff like strollers or diapers. Mainly practical things.

Favorite Websites: Smallable, Mylittleday, ferm living

A website that inspires you: Milk Magazine

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe ? A Gap straw hat – he loves to try beanies, and I was surprised to see that he also loves his new hat!

Favourite pieces in your child’s wardrobe? Golden Goose white sneakers, they rock!