Way back in January of this year I was lucky enough to be introduced to this wonderful human who was accompanying her BFF to Pitti Bimbo. Grouped together on a press/ influencer tour we spent a lovely evening at Betty Soldi’s workshop in a magical setting followed by a delicious dinner.

Holly calls me ‘Scotland’ which I love and secretly wish would catch on with others… Her way of being is just infectious! as I’m sure Alice Ali Firenze will also testify – they connected talking child birth over a glass of wine, tasty food and plenty of giggles. (The only way to discuss childbirth in my opinion!). Earlier during the workshop I had congratulated Holly repeatedly for her beautiful sketches compared with my stick men efforts only to discover that she is in fact a practising artist and muralist. Having hand painted a dress worn to the Met Galla no less.

Holly exudes something quite magical and here we get a peek at her kingdom as Mum to her son, little Knut in this Pirouette ‘Parent & Child’ interview.


Knut, (4 years old) & Mom, Holly Biorklund (Artist & Muralist) – Stockholm, Sweden.

Holly lives in Stockholm, with her husband Erik, and 2 sons Knut and August.

Knut looks very much like me, tall and thin and a bit of a fairy, but he is totally fearless just like Erik and very lively and sporty with so many opinions- we all call him the golden nugget.

August is the opposite, we call him the chunky monkey, he’s big and round and smiley and very easy going. If you leave a pillow on the floor he will find it and just lay down and have a good time.



What is your big dream? Water & juice.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A dog , a rabbit and a baby bird.

What is the best thing about life? Eating sweets.

Favourite programme? Blaze monster machines & Go Jetters.

Favourite book? The Gruffalo.

Something you did recently that you enjoyed? Feed the rabbits at the farm.

What is especially precious about your mom? When you drive the stroller pretending it’s a racer car.

What if you were magic for a day, what would you do? I would have a dress that can fly, a helmet that could protect people, and a dog that would spray water all the way up to the ceiling

Favourite hobby? Build lego, painting, drawing, watching tv, have a bath and when mummy dries me with the froggie towel, planting plants in the pots.

Silliest thing your sibling has ever said? Ratta patta natta ;)

Favourite song? Incy wincy spider.

What pet would you like? A baby bird or rabbit that I could hold all the time.



What type of parent are you? I think I’m a very easy going parent, the whole discipline/ boundaries side of being a mum is something I find really difficult. I believe in self expression! But sometimes that means your sofa gets covered in felt tip pen …… not such a good thing…. Or maybe it is?! Maybe that was the lesson I needed this week I’m the kind of mum who has lots of art activities and crafty things, this week Knut said he wanted to be a crab, so I got cardboard and toilet rolls and red paint and voila! Crab costume.

The good habit that helps you as a mom? Gosh I can think of a lot of bad habits! Coffee/ TV…. I think probably just going to the playground or kicking a ball around is the best answer to most situations. Both boys are so physical and energetic, we live in an apartment in the centre of the city, so in the morning it is essential to just get out of the house and run around!! Whenever there is a meltdown or things are just not flowing this is normally a good solution.

The place you love near your home, that you visit with the whole family? The archipelago! Stockholm is made up of lots of islands and going out to furthest ones are the best…. There’s an island called Huvudskar in the south and it’s just made of rocks and one lighthouse, so totally empty… you sail up to the rock and swim through this ridiculously long sea weed it tickles all up your legs and then you can make a fire on the rocks and cook some bbq and just play around and sunbathe….. it’s like a surreal dreamscape. A place where fairytales live.

A film or series that you saw recently and that stayed with you? Maid with Margaret Qualley.
She is phenomenal, and the story and characters oh my goodness it was just heartbreaking and warming all at once- a must see for all mothers!

The book on your bedside table? To Paradise, Hanya Yanagihara
Her last one was such a trip…. This one was a slow start but now I’m off and running and really enjoying it. In it she is playing with the idea of an alternate reality, based in what we know but with different morals and social codes. I explore this a lot in my work, subverting something familiar…. I think by working with something the eye recognises it’s possible to highlight the strangeness of our world.

What’s your approach to buying clothes for your children? Comfortable and light hearted. Knut has a strong sense of style now, he is really interested in getting dressed and choosing things to wear. He has this uncanny ability to put wild things together and pull it off – looking casual and cool, I think he must get it from Erik

Any brands or stores you cherish? A Swedish favourite Mini Rodini, all the prints have the perfect tone- curious, intelligent and unexpected.

Last items you added to your child’s wardrobe ? These amazing soft felt shoes for my little one from Nanga- they are perfect for learning to walk in, soft and squishy.

The websites that inspires you? Pinterest! The eternal rabbit hole of inspiration!

What is your favourite Sunday made of? In the summertime…Kids sleeping in till at least 8am……. Erik making his breakfast burritos….. lazing around at home with coffee and reading the kids a book, then off on an adventure with some friends, maybe to the archipelago with the sun shining, playing hide and seek in the sunshine, homemade lunch, in my swimming costume with a glass of rose, then sauna and swimming in the freezing Baltic waters! Kids falling asleep on my lap, us staying up late talking and drinking and watching the (almost) midnight sun set.

Your main piece of advice to your children? Gosh I feel like I am just coming to this stage now as Knut can properly talk and reason now and there’s logic to life…. Probably something about relaxing and enjoying it all. Don’t take it too seriously and follow the good feelings

I also really want them to understand how life is all one big soup bowl, to make a really good soup you have to have lots of different yummy ingredients.


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