We published an interview of Julie (zid zid kids) and her daughter Noor when they were living in Marrakech, seven years ago. The family now lives in the US and Noor is almost 16. She tells us how things have evolved for her, while Julie chats about work, education and life. 


What do you feel when you read what you wrote 7 years ago? I am reminded of the things I forgot about and it’s funny.

Have you changed a lot, if so in what sense? Yes. I know more about the world and I grew as a person mentally and physically. I like to push myself. I like learning.

Do you still live in the same town/house? No.

Do you have new ideas about the type of profession you want to embrace, or the things you want to do as an adult? Yes. Not sure if I want to be a teacher. I want to travel, explore and help people in need.

What are the books, films, events that made an impression on you lately? I still love the children’s book My Little Island by Frane Lessac. For movies, actress Katie Holmes is from Toledo, Ohio where I live, and she came into town to show her new film (All We Had) and talk about it, all in our little Downtown Maumee movie theater. I went with my dad. It was a really good movie and it was cool to see her. And this year has been a big change for me. I started high school and chose an all girls school and to live with my grandma to attend this school. I miss my mom, dad and brother, but really love my school.

What is the most beautiful lesson you’ve learned from your experiences so far? Don’t take anything for granted. Appreciate all the things you have in life. Live in the moment.

What skills do you have, that are special/that you are proud of? Well, I’m ambidextrous, does that count? I can act. I am a great cook. And I am really good at navigating and driving (I’ll be 16 in the spring and hope to get my license!). Oh, and I speak 3 languages.

What do you think would make a change in the world? First of all, having a good president. Second, having peace between countries. For everyone to trust each other. Have acceptance for who we are, with no discrimination, and every person has their rights.


What are the main changes that happened with Zid Zid Kids in the last 7 years? We’ve taken an interesting turn; Zid Zid is still designing for children, but in a whole new light and location. We have taken our fifteen years designing/manufacturing the best kids product we could, in our Marrakech, Morocco Atelier (Zid Zid Kids), to now creating the best language learning experience for families, through a digital platform (Zid Zid), in the heart of Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio.  We grew from being a textile manufacturing company to becoming a tech company, while still holding how kids play, at our very core and central to our mission. We’ll always be Zid Zid. <3

What is the most precious message that you have you drawn from educating your children?They need a fine balance of trust, freedom and guidance at all times, with constant communication.

What makes you happy about your family? I think everything, even the challenging moments.

Has Noor evolved the way you thought she would? Yes, but she still always surprises and delights me. She was determined as a child and still so today as a young woman. Both Moulay and I love fostering this independant spirit in her. It’s not always easy, but essential for her growth.

What is your recipe for happiness? My personal motto is to count your blessings, not your problems. And to always be learning.  Happiness with my daughter is to always keep lines of communication open and to make sure I create those communication opportunities.

Your formula to keep the family healthy? One of the best ways I have found to keep the family healthy is 1.) To be an active part in nature (spending time outdoors in parks, farms, oceans, mountains), 2.) To frequent farmers markets, and shop together 3.) Cook together 4. ) And make the commitment to eat a sit down meal together, every day. This leads to time to bond, see the world, while eating healthy together well. Eating well is a ritual for us. I believe this helps give our kids a good balance in staying healthy.

A quote from an author/thinker/artist that you particularly like? “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” ~ MLK

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