In her interview, Natalia says that she loves her superdog Drago, “the smartest dog ever”, that  she would transform her little brother into a frog if she had magic power and also that she misses Vietnam where she lived. Her mother Natalia Cabrera is the founder of About her daughter she says that she is a true artist with lots of creativity and a big heart. Let’s go for the interview of Natalia&Natalia!

Natalia (daughter)

what do you want to be when you grow up a fashion designer or an artist

what is your big dream to become famous

someone you admire my family

are you scared of anything I am not scared of anything

what makes you laugh  my small brother – a joke: “why doesn’t the skeleton go to a party? because he has no body to go with.”

your favourite films and books planet fashion by kelly mac cain and all by roald dahl

something you did recently that you really loved my birthday party because all my friends were there

the best holidays you ever had the maldives two years ago. I did snorkling and saw amazing fishes

a place that you would dream to visit my mother told me about the “green school” in bali and i would love to go to a summer camp there and vietnam because i lived there before and i miss my house with pool, my bamboo playhouse and my friends

your favorite belonging my superdog drago, the smartest dog ever although my mum says he is quite ugly

the next item you would so dearly love to get a trampoline because it makes you feel like flying

if you had a magic wand… be able to fly and maybe turn my small brother into a frog

Natalia (mother)

a place you saw when you were a child, and that made its mark on you I am from the canary islands and have lots of memories of my chilhood on the beach and on open spaces. i loved jumping on the big waves and dreaming that I would turn into a mermaid.

the place you love near your home the botanical garden in madrid. I love taking the children there

where do you dream to go for your next family holiday a kenyan safari and vietnam. I lived for three years there with my family and I would like to take them all there soon because the children miss it terribly

a film that you saw recently and that staid with you ecodesign exhibition

the film that you love to see with the whole family stardust and the secret garden

the book on your bedside table lots of interior design magazines (my other passion with children’s fashion)

the children’s brands your cherish noro, waddler, caramel&baby, april showers

the children’s stores you love to visit and buy from maliska, thanks mum and lebeabá in madrid, bonpoint and bonton and sweet william abroad

last thing you bought for natalia finger in the nose trousers

favourite pieces in natalia’s wardrobe fub jumpers, zadig and voltaire “artist” jumper: natalia feels todally identified with it (i saw it and thought it had to be hers)

what you buy online smallable. I also love the craftstore holamama

a website that inspires you pirouette, of course. it keeps me updated of what is going on in children fashion everywhere

what are your main current concerns we are very worried about spain’s current economic situation and all the people that are unemployed at the moment.

your big dream… stay little has big big dreams! the first one is to expand outside of spain

something that made you laugh out loudly recently my small’s son face when he tried indian food today in a restaurant for the first time; he found it so spicy…