Kate Sekules is originally from London and she lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband Scott Moyers (publisher of Penguin Press) and their daughter Beatrice in 6th Grade. Kate’s website Refashioner sells personal collections of fabulous clothes along with their stories. Kate is also

writing a book (working title: Getting Dressed and the Meaning of Life). “Basically, I’m on a mission to reboot fashion: value what we own, consume thoughtfully, and have more damn fun” she explains before answering our questions (with fun).

Best of New York

Memories of moments or situations you loved with Beatrice Last summer… Lounging on the beanbags at the Museum of the Moving Image watching the Chuck Close documentary. Playing Marco Polo in Red Hook pool. Always: Scouring vintage stores— Bea has refused to wear new clothes since she was in 3rd grade.

3 favorite NY ideas or secret places

  1.      We love our local Buffalo Exchange—perfect fashion playground for vintage obsessed tween and teaches the value of re-using.
  2.      Dinosaur Barbque (sic), Gowanus, followed by salted crack caramel ice cream on the deck of Ample Hills Creamery.
  3.      Bea loves her classes at Children’s Museum of the Arts—animation, filmmaking, graphic novel, fashion design, photography –then a treat from Jacques Torres before the subway home.

 Family Life

Your favorite family movie to see again and again So many!  Let’s say Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – something for everyone. Except dad. Way too camp.

Your daughter is… Loving, cuddly, super-smart, wise like an old lady, kind, hilarious, and entirely her own person. She invents elaborate interpretive dances, reads for hours and days, & stays up as late as possible. She’s the best company. Needs work in the cleaning up department.

A big dream We bought a 200-year-old miniature manor house waaaaaay upstate on impulse three years ago—a big dream, a big plan and a permanent project.

 The internet to your family is Babysitter, dad stealer, streamer of guilty pleasures (Friends, 30 Rock, kittens)

Best album to listen to all together It’s mostly about Scott’s iTunes which he is allowed when he drives.

 About yourself

Your best mothering moment Managed to give birth

Your worst mothering moment Any time I’ve been late for school pick up


Photos and interview by Zoe Adlersberg www.zoesbook.com