In 2011 Mila’s laugh was contagious, aged 9 yrs she was never scared to try new things or to involve others in her mini-social life. Her mother Cristina Villegas owner of Yoya & says “Nobody can really imagine how their kids will evolve over time, but mine surprise me daily and have become such wonderful young women”

Original words… Mila 9yrs 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, I want to be movie director because my friends brother can film and he does special effects and that is how I got the idea.

What makes you laugh? When my Dad tickles me or when my friend Yasmine makes funny faces.

What makes you angry? When I can’t figure out a math problem. What makes me sad is when my friends don’t include me in games.

Your favorite film? Avatar because the filming was done really well and the colors were bright and cool, it was really creative.

Your favorite animal? A chinchilla because its soft and cute.

A place that you would dream to visit? I really want to go to Hollywood and meet all the actors.

Your favorite outfit? Well, I like to wear my skinny jeans with my cashmere top with a scarf and a jean vest for fall. For summer jean shorts and black top with a light scarf.

What is the piece you like the most from your wardrobe? My jean vest because its casual and it goes with everything.

The next item you’d like to get? I want to get a leather jacket from Phillip Lim, I have been dying for. It is by far the coolest piece of the season (according to my mom!!!)

Parent & Chid interview revisited… Mila aged 16, 2018

What do you feel when you read what you wrote 7 years ago? When I looked back at my interview from almost 7 years ago, I was happy and amused to see that, for the most part, I’ve stayed true to my 9-year-old self. It was also super funny to see the answers I gave; I feel like I seemed very confident in what I wrote, which I love.

Do you still live in the same town? Yes, I still live in NYC in the south street seaport. I love it there!

Do you have new ideas about the type of profession you want to embrace, or the things you want to do as an adult? My opinions on what I would like to do as I get older have definitely changed, but I still want to pursue music and live a creative life.

What are the books, films, events that made an impression on you lately? A film that I’ve recently seen that left a lasting impression on me was A Star is Born. I really loved this movie because it’s about a girl who is told she isn’t beautiful enough to pursue her music, and in the end (spoiler alert) she is discovered by a famous musician who is able to shed some light on her talent. I loved Lady Gaga as the main character and I feel like I can really relate to her.

What is the most beautiful lesson you’ve learned from your experiences so far? Recently, I’ve been going through some big changes in my life. With the support of my family, especially my mama, I’ve learned to just let go. I know I’m at the age where whatever happens now probably won’t matter so much in a few years, so I should just move on (don’t sweat the small stuff, as she always says).

What skills do you have that are special? A skill of mine that I think is pretty special is my voice! I love making music and expressing myself through singing and the songs I write.

What do you think would make a change in the world? I believe that the United States, along with the rest of the world, should take more steps towards preserving our environment. I would like for the generations after me to experience our earth to the fullest, and with the way global warming is progressing, I’m afraid they won’t be able to do that.


What are the main changes that happened in your life/profession in the last 7 years? A lot has changed! Family-wise, I married my amazing husband, Oliver, 5 years ago. We added a furry, lovable, and happy golden retriever, Oso, to our family. My daughters have grown up so much – my eldest is starting to look at colleges (eek!). As far as Yoya goes, we moved to a new location in the West Village about 4 years ago, we now carry sizes up to 12 years (rather than 4 years where we started), and I started a private label of Liberty print dresses to accompany all the amazing designers I buy for the shop. We’ve been expanding our website with every new season and seen some amazing responses from people not local to New York.

What is the most precious message that you have you drawn from educating your child? Raising my kids has taught me a great deal, but the most valuable thing I’ve learned is to relax, laugh, and let go of the little things. You must focus on what is important and pick your battles or you’ll go crazy!

What makes you happy about your family? My happiest moments are family dinners where we share stories, unplug from our phones, decompress, and talk about our days.

Has your child evolved the way you thought he would? Nobody can really imagine how their kids will evolve over time, but mine surprise me daily and have become such wonderful young women. They give me more happiness than I could have ever dreamed, and they constantly impress me with their love and generosity.

What is your recipe for happiness? Recipe for happiness: A pinch of patience, a cup of communication, and heaping helping of hugs and kisses daily (sorry – you asked!) Portion control (in many ways!)

A quote from an author/ thinker/ artist that you particularly like? “Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light.” – Frida Kahlo

Original Parent & Child interview Cristina & Mila