Zoe is joyful, generous, gourmet and does not like injustice. Lucia is sensitive, thoughtful, happy and loves horses above all. Mother of the twins, Chrystèle, is the designer and founder of Inspirations by la Girafe, a jewellery brand for children, teenagers and mums.

Lucia & Zoé

What do you want to be when you grow up ?
Lucia : veterinary
Zoé : chef

What is your big dream ?
Lucia : to have my own horse
Zoé: to be a fabulous dancer

Who is the strongest person in the world ?
Lucia : my parents
Zoé : dad and mom

What makes you laugh ?
Lucia : funny jokes and my friends
Zoé : my friends

Your favourite film ?
Lucia : les feux de la rampe (Limelight) by Charlie Chaplin
Zoé : Lol, Le goût de la vie with Catherine Zeta-Jones

Your favourite book ?
Lucia : The Pony club secret
Zoé : Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Something you did recently that you really loved ?
Lucia : Our ski holidays at Christmas
Zoé : Ski holidays at Christmas

The best holidays you ever had ?
Lucia : London, for everything I loved
Zoé : All our holidays  : London, ski, Barcelone, Cadaqués, South of France…

A place that you would visit ?
Lucia : Venice
Zoé : Greece

Your favourite belonging ?
Lucia : mon “doudou”( best friend for the night), my grey mouse
Zoé : mon “doudou”, a light pink rabbit

The last item you got that you dearly loved ?
Lucia : The makeup palette given by my mom at Christmas
Zoé : My glitter shoes offered by mom


The place you love near your home ?
My garden, the trees, the flowers and all these scents. I am fortunate to live in the countryside, in a village of golden stone, we walk to our friends. I really need this tranquility to create, to live with my husband and our daughters, but I love to go to Paris very often and then to come back  home.

Where do you dream to go for our next family holiday ?
In March we’ll go skiing , but in May I dream to go with my family to Portugal or to London again.

A cultural event you saw recently ?
An exhibition of Dali in Cadaqués

The children’s brands you cherish ?
Bensimon, Agnès b,  Merveilles, Bobo choses,

The children stores you love to visit and buy from ?
Liberty in London, it is a magical place, my daughters love this store. Bonpoint and Repetto in Paris.

The last thing you bought for your child you love ?
Zoé : a black dress with beautiful precious buttons she wears with mint green tights and her glitter shoes, a distinctly English and colorful style : the Zoé style.
Lucia : a black and white skirt with cute little hearts for my lovely daughter, lover of life

The favourite pieces in your child’s wardrobe ?
Lucia : a grey skirt Agnès b
Zoé : her tweed jacket, very 50s

What do you buy online ?
Travels and books

Websites that inspires you ?
Firstsightdaily , la Châtaigne, My mobilehome
I love their poetry and their sensitivity
And Caravane, for my house

Do you have a big dream and if so what is it ?
My big dream is that  all children can be happy.