Tiles are eco-friendly and they are versatile : they can be used for a floor or on walls, inside and outside. based in Marrakech, Popham Design has the most beautiful tiles, bringing a modern design sensibility to the tradition of Moroccan cement tiles. Their patterns are all available in any combination of colors from a 70-shade palette, so people can really have fun with them.

About the owners, Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes 

Caitlin and Samuel lived and worked in New York and Los Angeles for over a decade before moving to Marrakech in June 2006.  He was a filmmaker, and she was  a public relations executive specializing in design businesses. They fantasized for some time about living in an exotic place together and starting a creative venture. The move to Marrakech delivered on both of those promises.

Doesn’t this make you dream?