Name of the brand : amore di mamma /  Name of the company : amore di mamma GmbH

Date of creation : May 2010 – in Berlin

Country of origin : Germany

Name of the founders :  Yolanda Ng & Verena McNamara

Number of employees : 9

Number of sales points : and 22 stores in Germany, Italy, USA and UK e.g. Department Store Quartier 206

Style or company statement or tag line: amore di mamma®: helping you express a mother’s love for mummy’s little darling.

What makes the brand unique : The amore di mamma brand is made for parents with a design-conscious lifestyle. We understand that parents want nothing but the best for their children: the smartest designs, the finest materials, the right style. And because amore di mamma® draws on the latest fashion trends, caring, design-conscious mums will no longer have to choose between stylish or comfortable.

A quote from a client or journalist?

Collezioni Baby : “amore di mamma offers mothers everything they could possibly need to assure the child comfort without cutting corners on fashion an excellent materials”

Junior magazine: “European chic- gorgeous childrenswear label amore di mamma launches online store. Using the smartest designs and softes Italian materials, new German childrenswear label amore di mamma also has some serious style credentials”

Elle Magazine :  “Cooler surfer or little fisherman?…so many variations of styles for him. The spring summer has never been so fun!”

How many pieces per collection: 80

Main materials used:High quality cashmere and cashmere mixes, high spun cottons, silk mixes and wools.  The softest and cosy knits, jerseys and interlocks.  The lightest voiles and batistes for the summers. Fabrics mainly sourced from Italy.