I finally made it to Crouch End in North London, to visit the Aravore store. It was worth the trip, as the area is quite special and lovely, and the store is very charming. There is nod to the 20’s in the boutique, visible through the clothes and display as well as through the music playing in the background. The beautiful knits collection (bloomers, polos with striped collar, elegant cardigans), the wooden chests of drawers and the hydrangea take you to the Riviera at the beginning of the last century, with a modern twist.A soft palette of beige and yellow dominates, with touches of dark green and celadon. The hand feel of the sweaters is quite something, heavy and soft, very rich. There is definitely love for beautiful finishes and organic materials in the Aravore collection.

This morning the news was out : Aravore  has been named  Walpole “Brands of Tomorrow” for 2012, in the Children’s Design category. Walpole is a non-profit-making organisation that furthers the interests of the British luxury industry formed in 1990 by British companies, including Burberry, British Airways, the Financial Times and many more. For Aravore it means great recognition and increased visibility, but also a bespoke mentoring and coaching program designed to support the brands and help its development within the luxury sector, at an international level.

Well done Aravore!
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