Dot to Dot London

It's Dot to Dot time : the bi-annual trade show for independent children’s brands will open its doors Sunday 25 & Monday 26 of January, at the Music Room in Mayfair.  On display : 30 brilliant UK brands, each with a refreshing take on children's fashion and design.

Playtime Paris : Business Report

How was business at Playtime Paris last week? Brands share their opinion, speaking about signs of recovery, increased volumes ordered, lack of French buyers, growth of Asian visitors…all in a rather positive and optimistic tone.

Aravore Luxury “Brand of Tomorrow” for 2012

I finally made it to Crouch End in North London, to visit the Aravore store. It was worth the trip, as the area is quite special and lovely, and the store is very charming. There is nod to the 20's in the boutique, visible through the clothes and display as well as through the…

Isobel, 5 years old – London, UK

Today we welcome Isobel, 5 years old and her mother Lindsey,  journalist and founder of Urban Mums. Lindsey reports : "Izzy loves listening to music and dancing, especially “streetdancing” which she can’t believe she learned on her own. She is not a fan of wearing jeans,…



Brand Name ARAVORE  - Country of origin UK – Paraguay Date of creation of the company we began working on the supply chain side – finding growers that we could work with and setting up a workshop/ training centre as far back as 2003. The brand was not launched until October…