Alexandra Gizela spent over 25 years in the fashion and entertainment industry. She started modelling for Ford at the age of 8, and later on she double majored in Business Administration and Anthropology at Skidmore College. When she became a mother, her world  “slightly :) changed” and she decided to start her own infant and children’s accessories line, Cabbages & Kings. All accessories are fairtrade produced, handmade by the Sumaq Ruracc artisans in Peru. I had a crush on Alexandra’s story and on her little new collection.

Where do you live and work? I live and work in New York City

Tell us more about the Peruvian production I don’t work with a factory. I work with a knitting commune called the Sumaq Ruracc who reside in the Andean Valley. It was trial and error of samples being sent to me in New York by different knitting communes. I was pregnant at the time and was advised not to go to Peru…I had my ticket booked and all, but opted to go after I gave birth.

How would you describe your line?  The compelling color combinations and patterned designs of Cabbages & Kings evoke a sense of whimsical play suitable for the taste of parent and child alike. Customers will initially be drawn to the uniqueness of the line, but will ultimately be won over by the versatility and quality of each piece

Do you already have sale points?  I am in the process of selling to retailers now. So far two stores have bought the line : My Little Sunshine in Chealsea NY and Lili Meili and Beau in Montclair NJ

Your plans to develop the line ? I am staying with the current siloettes, changing the color ways each Fall/Winter season. But I am currently working on 2 new constructions for Fall/Winter ad well as adding some pieces for Spring/Summer!

I like the photos…can you tell me is behind them? Anna Palma was the photographer. The art direction was a collaboration between myself, Anna, and the stylist Katelyn Mooney.