Just released, Emily Ulmer’s book “In My Room” is a collection of portraits of children in their bedrooms. “It’s the place where they feel the most at ease and where they feel safe. Their rooms are their sanctuaries – where they get to create their own worlds, and once they invite you in, you get to be on their level and see their world through their young eyes.” says Emily. 

The idea of making a book of a collection of portraits in bedrooms came to her earlier this year, when sherealized it would be lovely to have these images all together in book form, and with all new work. Over the past 4 months Emily shot 27 kids, ages 5-10, in Los Angeles and NYC.

“I decided to start at the age when kids start to formulate their own ideas and when they begin to really discover themselves, and when their rooms start reflecting who they are. I chose to stop right before the pre-teen years, as they are then entering into an entirely new stage of their lives. I also returned to photograph a few that I’ve shot in the past, which was so lovely and interesting to document, as I got to look back at their earlier images and see how much they’ve grown– even in just a few short years”.