I have been quite obsessed with Paul Fusco’s photographs of the R.F.K. Funeral Train. This is June 8th 1968 and the long train carries R.F. Kennedy’s body from New York to Washington, passing miles and miles of people who had come to the railroad track to honor him and say goodbye. 

I had seen random images here and there at photo fairs, and they got stuck in my mind. Seeing a long wall of images side by side last month in Turin was magical. That was during Art Fair Artissima, at the exhibit “For President” curated by Francesco Bonami at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo.

The show is on until January 6 2013 so if you are in Turin, I highly recommend it. It features a century of photographs snapped by both anonymous photographers and masters of photography, installation and videos, including Francesco Vezoli’s great “Democrazy“, as well as TV propaganda programs  and political demonstrations.

Read more about Paul Fusco here.