Name of the brand
: Le Carrousel®

Creation : September 2010

Country of origin : France Country of production : France

Name of the founder : Marie Laure RENIER


Tag line : ” S’habiller est un jeu d’ enfants” in english …”Getting dressed is a children’s game” , French expression meaning that getting dressed is easy.

What makes the brand stand out? My brand is unique as I hand produce what my clients choose. Each garment is tailored and customers can choose their own fabrics.

A quote from a client or journalist? One client said to me: “My girls haven’t left their dresses in the whole summer”.

How many pieces in a winter collection : 21 pieces … But it ends up being much more as one can choose from many different fabrics!

Main materials used : Noble fabrics, Prince of Wales, including a wool quality used by Chloé, Liberty, velvet, lurex