Barbie at 60 years

Barbie at 60 with Laura & Katie

Katie & Laura talk Barbie.Katie invites Laura from Velveteen to the Barbie exhibition held at Pitti Bimbo 88 earlier this year. So how has the iconic Barbie evolved over time, from being an astronaut with blue eye shadow to today’s ‘more’ progressive…

Stiff Upper Lip

Naif number 11  - Photographs Raquel Reina from "Stiff upper lip" - Style Aixea Villareal - Very British! Models ERIC, RUTH, ROSE from SUGAR KIDS models agency.

Oona Carysse, 4 Years old – New York, USA

I welcome two ladies with delicious names today. Oona is a highly spirited trilingual kid  filled with curiosity. She loves her Isadora Duncan dance class, anything to do with a pool, playing at the park with her friends, and drawing monsters and rabbits. Jeanne Omlor her mother…

Noeuf, quoi de neuf (what's new)?

Beautifully designed, with a touch of humor and poetry, the fourth edition of Noeuf Catalog welcomes new designers including Waddler, New Generals, La petite Luce, Aden & Anaïs, Wee Gallery, Rosie Flo, and Troussellier. These brands  have been carefully selected for…

Simple & well designed shoes, a click away

. I was very happy to discover Life and soles, an e-store that focuses on simple and well designed shoes. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Life and soles was founded by Laura Falconer and launched only a few months ago. Laura tells us more about her love for shoes and other…

Mademoiselle a Soho

Mademoiselle a Soho is a children's label created by Alexana Bussenault and produced in Bucharest, in a family owned sewing shop. Born in Romania, Alexana lived in Paris before the whole family (her, her husband and their two boys) moved to New York  in 2008.

Home sweet home

This is my (new) home sweet home...

This is your book

Chicago Graphic Artist Ryan Maconochie just launched this unique modern baby journal called "This Is Your Book" . . Click here to flip through the pages of This is your book Click here to order the book on Amazon .  

Handmade (Charlotte) Rachel

This small and lovely collection has been created in exclusivity by Rachel Faucett for Anthropology. Rachel is the author of addictive blog Handmade Charlotte and a mother of five. How she can achieve all this, I am not sure and Rachel doesn't have an explanation either. Natural…

Bodie and Fou, chez vous

I you love decor and lifestyle rare finds but don't know BODIE AND FOU, you have something to discover today! It started as a blog and e-store and it is now a also a mail order catalog. I had fun flipping through the pages yesterday, comfortably installed on my couch,…

Ada Ada

Ada Ada

Brand name Ada Ada - Company name Ada Ada- Baby and Kids fashion Date of creation 2009 Country of origin Israel / USA - Country of production Portugal Name of the founders Ada & Miriam Bernstein

Anya, 6 years old – St Petersburg FL, USA

Asking Surya, auhtor of about her daughter Anya's personality, she gave me a very simple answer : "Anya has loved and drawn pigs ever since she could hold a pencil!". A happy day to pigs !