Brand name : Quenotte – Website :

Date of creation : July 2011

Country of origin : France – Country of production : France (mainly) and Poland

Name of founders : Marie-Laure Lhuillier – Agathe Philippart

Number of employees : 0

Number of sales points : 12 independent retailers + our e-store (will be launched next September)

Where to find the brand online : , , ,

Own e-store : not yet but very soon (September 2012)

What makes the brand stand out : A retro take on clothing combined by bold prints, cuts and material gives the line its own unique identity

A quote from a client or journalist : “Ici l’enfant retrouve sa place. Ce vestiaire idéal a des allures retro sublimées par des imprimés, des coupes, et des matières assemblées avec audace” L’Officiel Paris

How many pieces per collection : 40

Main materials used : we try to use the most natural fabric like cotton or wool, and we chose high quality.

Your trade show planning for next season : We did Playtime for three seasons

Plans for the future : We’re looking for more independent stores. Particularly, we want to develop the brand in Asia and we’re looking for an agent in this region. We also want to focus more on our website/e-store.

Name of the photographer : Simon Penochet