Andrew Weaving is the owner of Century in London, a gallery that specializes in mid-century modern design. Andrew Wood is a photographer specializing in interiors and fashion whose work is published in magazines such as Elle Décor, Vogue, and the Sunday Telegraph Magazine. Earlier this year, the duo launched Playful Home, Creative Style Ideas For Living with Kids (Rizzoli). 

“Tapping into today’s trend to return to unstructured playtime and move away from over-scheduling and electronic games, Playful Home is perfectly suited to the times. Andrew Weaving celebrates the best of childhood, from his favorite games and crafts projects to the whimsical décor that kids love. The result is kids’ rooms designed to feed and inspire the imagination, as well as to hold fabulous collections of toys and books.

With the philosophy of integrating play into our daily lives, Playful Home looks at twelve family homes designed with children in mind, from the foyer to the back door, which stylishly embrace kids’ activities and interests. The featured spaces are the kids’ rooms, which combine flair and fun so successfully that they end up being the hub of the entire house.

Including design ideas for displaying toys and collectibles, plus clever ways of storing them, as well as great tips on how to make murals and unique wall decorations, Playful Home inspires creativity as well as good design.”

On the back cover of the book, a quote by Jonathan Adler : ” I was lucky enough to have a gorgeously bright and happy room that I think was essential to my creative growth. I believe that children’s imaginations thrive in over-decorated rooms”.

Here’s a selection of images from the book…