Interview with Nicole Frobush, creator of London based ethical, eco-friendly label Nixie Clothing.

Two words to describe Nixie Clothing ? 
Creative and ethical.
Your inspirations at the moment ?
My constant inspiration is nature. And at the moment I really love Australian singer Sarah Blasko for her music and videos.
The book on your bedside table?
A book by Adele Faber&Elaine Mazlich : Siblings without rivalry. I can highly recommend to parents. It makes me rethink my role as a mother and not as a referee.
Your favorite stores ?
My favorite store is Fiorucci in Milan as I was obsessed by it as a child. I still love it. In London Beyond Retro which is like a treasure cave full off wigs , hats clothes etc. And Spiegelburg in Muenster, my native town, just full of beautiful kitsch things.
Do you have children, how old and how do they influence your work ?
I have two girls Ivy (10) and Faye (7). They are the reason why I started Nixie as I was so sick in seeing boring clothes made badly, mass produced with no soul. They helped me naming the designs and choosing the finals. Sadly they now just wear my clothes very rarely as they are into Hip Hop and there own style, which I love. They combine the weirdest things and look fab. 

Nixie Clothing is at Harvey Nichols in the UK, Boo woo foo in Japan and sells online through her own e-store