Olivia and Katrin met at Playtime Paris in 2008. Both were working in children’s fashion already : Katrin has a webshop in France selling Scandinavian brands (dinodeluxe.fr) and Olivia is a clothing designer, founder of childrens’ brand The Two Percenters. A year and half ago they decided to start their childrenswear agency, DinoGoesAgent.

What brands do you represent? We represent only Scandinavian brands and at the moment we have Shampoodle, Rockefella, Bellio, Ecensia, New Generals, Aarrekid, Livly. We’ll be meeting with two other additional brands this summer, in Stockholm !!

What is the first one you contracted/ the most successful? We started our activity with Rockefella and soon after that with Aarrekid, Bellio and Shampoodle. All our brands carry a special style and they are all sold in really good shops in France. We hope that there will be even more interested buyers in the future !

What children’s trade shows do you visit/participate in? We took some of our brands to Playtime this July and we will also be exhibiting some brands at the next January edition. We are going to the two fairs in Copenhagen, Ciff Kids and CPH, in August. Of course our brands do other fairs around the world, but on their own or with agents representing them on the other markets.

How was the last Playtime for you? It was great and we really liked being at the fair ! We had many shops, bloggers and press contacts visiting our booth.

How does it compare to the January 12 edition? Actually, we did not expose with our brands in the January edition. We had a showroom in the central Paris instead, so we only got to visit the Playtime fair on the last day.

What would you say of the current economical climate and the childrenswear industry? Are there new stores opening or more closing down? The economical situation is still tough for many new shops and smaller boutiques. Yet, we think that the kind of brands we represent are not that affected since they are more middle end and high end brands. We have seen some new webshops and physical stores opening this years, but unfortunately some old ones closing down too.

Have you seen interesting/new children’s stores that you liked recently? There is a new concept-store in Paris called Maralex and we really like the collections they have. Actually Maralex has sold shoes since years, but the kids concept is quite new. We strongly feel a Scandinavian touch would benefit that store and we hope to see some of our brands in there soon ! We also like the new corner for teenagers in the wellknown online store Smallable .

What do retailers have to do to keep successful according to you? Always keep looking for what’s new and what’s happening on the market. We also believe that it is important to have a good Customer care and treat clients well so that they come back !

What is your favorite children’s store in your own city? Actually, we both like to shop online around the world. For french on-line shopping we both love Smallable, LittleFashionGallery, Noeuf, MyLittleSquare and of course Dinodeluxe.fr. We also like to go shopping for our kids in the area of Marais and Montorgueil and we are huge fans of the new Finger In The Nose store.  When we are in Sweden we never miss to drop by the flagship store of Mini Rodini !

Anything you can think of that is missing in the current children’s product offer? No, not really. We hope that all brands will be even more environment conscious in the future as we both believe that it is important for the wellbeeing of our children and also for our planet.  We are both mothers of boys, so we also hope that some new interesting boy brands/ boy collections will come up !

The online destinations, preferably children’s related, that inspire you? Pirouette blog ! We also like to surf around blogs as MinorDetails, LaitFraiseMag, Kviddevitt, Kenziepoo, Luvaville and of course the online magazines Babiekins and LaPetite Mag and Papier Mache.