Seven restaurants in London, a street kitchen bus and a new site hosted in shipping containers by the Thames…that’s Wahaca, winner of the best sustainable restaurant group in the UK this year. Sustainable and for sure innovative.

Do you remember The Nomadic Museum in New York in 2005? A 45,000 sq.ft. space on Pier 54 made entirely of steel shipping containers by architect Shigeru ban, displaying an art exhibit by Gregory Colbert ? That was the beginning of a long carrier for shipping containers. We have seen them in many occasions since then : The Freitag store in Zurich, Puma City, A Travelodge Hotel, Boxpark pop up, but hosting a restaurant might be pretty new. The structure has been created by Soft Room Architects.

There’s so much to do/explore with shipping containers. You can apparently buy them on ebay. I saw a photo of one at the back of a graden; it had been converted into a private cinema room…my dream!




Wahaca, By Softroom London,