Animation, 2-3 years
From the same director don’t miss Princes and princesses, Azur and Azmar. Amazing design, beautiful African stories.

Good all Barbapapa, fun, colorful and clever, from a very young age. 

A poetic and curious world of Japanese inspired creatures. 22 hypnotizing stories for the whole family.
Bedtime is fun with these sleepy-time tales adapted form classic children’s picture books.
Animation, 3-5 years 
Magical, poetic, enchanting, delightful, Totoro is really a masterpiece, a wonderful film to watch again and again.

Ponyo on the cliff is the latest animated film from beloved Miyazaki studios. As good as Tororo, to be seen with the whole family.  

Animation, +5 years 

A stunning stop-motion animation movie (same technic as in Fantastic Mr Fox). By Henry Selick (The nightmare before christmas) Soundtrack by Brun
o Coulais (Les choristes).
Animation, +6 years

Another great Miyazaki, with medieval inspired warriors and demons, and a deep ecological message.
Films, all ages

All Jacques Tati are must see, but Mon oncle is my children’s favorite, followed by Les vacances de Mr Hulot. 

A lovely, finely done parable of childhood, imagination and friendship. Set in Paris in the 50’s.
A fascinating and funny view of nature, by the creator of Gods must be crazy.