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Zoe de Las Cases lives and works in Paris where she designs for herself as well as for publishers. Mixing nostalgic memories of childhood with fresh, modern design, Zoe has created a unique style flavored with vintage&retro accents (shop.zoedelascases.com). Here’s a bit more about Zoe…


How would you describe your personal style I like to live with a ‘day-to-day’ spirit: enjoy special moments, see the people I care for, think in a creative way… Of course, I need to plan things ahead for my brand to stay alive. I love being around my family, share creative ideas, and eat the fabulous meals my husbant makes !

What inspires you at the moment Everything inspires me. All that touches me makes me think. But I only use the good memories, the charming events, looks or gestures to do my work. At the moment, I am working on my next collection. Therefore, I am getting inspired by the little decorative kitchens from the 50’s. I am starting to work on this concept, in creating my own.

A living person do you most admire My parents. For their generosity, the simplicity and genuine wellness in which they did and still do everything they can for me and my siblings to be happy in life.

Your favorite city in the world My little town of Lozere, which is called Aubrac. It is a small place where I would go and spend nearly all my week-ends and holidays when I was young. And we still go quite a lot nowadays too. All my best memories are there. It is my sacred shelter. I would love to go back there and go for walks in the woods with my dog, breethe in the fresh air, enjoy the bautiful countryside around … It is a very wild area, where is is very scarce to cross other people’s paths. It is very peaceful and calms me, as it is totally opposite to Parisiens’ everyday life.

Your perfect Sunday Read a great book with stunning pictures and a nice flavoured candle lightened, walk in the sun, have a nice brunch with my husband and friends or family, be in the countryside if possible.

Your favorite website related to children Mes habits cheris; one of my very good friends launched it. She has very good tastes, is very creative, and we’ve been working together ever since I started. She always has wonderful collections.

Your favorite magazines related to children Papier Mache. It’s an Australian paper and online magazine papier-mache. I just customized pictures for them, and they are making an article on my work, to be released beginning of February. They have a very special selection.

Your favorite bedtime reading with the kids You will have to wait to hear my answer when I have some ! But I could always help here, as I still have a children’soul … My favourite book is ‘Eloise au Plaza’, by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight !

Your favorite movie to watch with the whole family ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’, by West Anderson.

Favorite possession in your home Black & white pictures of all those people who I will never get to meet: they are all from older generations and other countries. They will all remain strangers to me and to anyone who looks at the pictues. But looking at them is so inspiring, as pictures can be so intimate and personal. I alsor love my collection of small kitchens from the 50’s.

The book on your bedside table It is a Tchekhov book. My grand mother was russian, and I was very close to her. I grew up seeing her dress, talk, dance, and tell us about her life back there. I love this culture. It takes me to a totally different universe.

The music in your ipod At the moment, I just discovered a Danish artist: Agnes Obel. Here is the link to her best song’s video (link)

Favorite stores Merci, concept store in Paris. It is very joyful, artistic, and has a ‘feel-at-home’ touch.

Favorite place for Art I really like the ‘Jeu de Paume’ gallery, in the Tuileries, in Paris.

Your favorite place for family holidays As for now, it is my countryside in France. But I guess any place where my loved ones feel good would be great. I love travelling and discovering the world.

What do you prize most in life Freedom. Liberty to do whetever you want, and live from it.


Zoe de las Cases will be showing at Maison&Objet, January 21-25.