In response to today’s “throw-away” culture, Kindred gives a second  life to parents beloved clothes, transforming them into a beautiful outfit for babies and children. A father’s cherished shirt is adapted to fit his son, a grandma’s old kimono becomes a gorgeous dress…
A nice way for the next generation to enjoy a piece  their parents wore and loved.  Interview from New York with the creators of the concept, Simone Leonhardt and Heike Jaroschowitz.
Where do you live in NY?
We live downtown.  Heike in Greenwich Village and Simone on the Bowery, which is also referred to as the Lower East Side (LES).
How many children have you between the two of you?
We each have one girl.  They were born a few months apart in 2008.
Where and how do you sell your products ?
We’ve sold so far at trunk shows in Soho in New York and online at
When did you launch? How is it going compared to the expectations?
We started with the concept in March of 2012 and have had an amazing response. People like the handmade quality combined with the stories that are part of the garments. Producing locally has definitely been a challenge, but we are committed to ethical practices in all aspects of our business.
What was your favourite or the most exciting piece you had to realise so far?
Each piece really has it’s own story and people are passionately invested in the transformational process.  We’ve had a father give us 10 of his English custom made shirts, celebrity orders, vintage fabrics from grandparents, designer cashmere sweaters and requests to transform an antique sari.
Where do you get orders from, is it very NY/US based or do you have requests from all over the planet?
So far we’ve kept busy with New York as word of mouth has spread.  We’ve also been written about in a couple of nationally distributed German magazines which led to orders from Europe.
What are your favourite places in NY ?
For women’s clothes there are three amazing ones in our neighborhood: Maryam Nassir Zadeh on Norfolk street and Creatures of Comfort on Mulberry street and VPL on Mercer street. We also like Mociun in Williamsburg for jewelry.  We like restaurants like Bohemian on Bond Street and Fat Radish on Orchard and Rye in Williamsburg.  Of course the New Museum and The Hole gallery up the street from us and the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum.
Anything you’d like to share with Pirouette’s readers?
We believe that our actions and awareness as consumers have an impact and are empowering examples for the next generation.
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