What’s new at Sweet William? The arrival of Little Creative Factory and their exuberant collection entitled “Playing Under Construction“. Simple, retro-inspired styles, full of personality and creative flair. 

Little Creative Factory was founded in Barcelona by Cristina Fernandez and Esther Villanueva, both architects (and mothers) who immerse in a personal reinvention. The duo produces limited editions of clothing and accessories, for children between 3 months and 8 years. The brand focuses on slow fashion, and they aim to stand against child exploitation and the bad usage of natural resources.

Little Creative Factory says:

Play, it’s the best way to grow for any children in the world.

Create, don’t lose your capacity to imagine

Everyone is equal, everyone deserves an opportunity

Keep responsible, love the planet and the people, the future of our kids depends on us

Work for the sustainability, take care about the ambient

Hold on to every little thing you have

People should be in constant construction!

Enjoy…and share if you like!


Little Creative Factory 1997


Little Creative Factory 1479


Little Creative Factory 1444


Little Creative Factory 0970