Clare, Cristina & Little Creative factory team

English at Your Desk & Little Creative Factory:

Like it or hate, the English language is key to communicating/ trading in the International market. Good communications skills translate to sales, poor communication skills cause confusion and hesitancy that can result in lost sales. Last Summer Cristina Fernandez designer and…

Tabata Kids

Agent series: Ana Castán Puente, Tabata Kids Barcelona. Part 1 of 3

We start off our series on the role of the agent in children's fashion with an interview from Barcelona based Tabata Kids who represents the likes of Organic Zoo, Emile et Ida, Sleepy Doe and more. Any label looking to develop it's customer base will at some point consider…

#Pirouette12Watch Winner AW19: Novel Walk

It's important children's shoes are comfortable, durable and if they can look rather wonderful in the process even better. Spanish label Novel Walk do just this, good quality manufacturing, sensible yet beautiful and very cool. They also have the most clever, eye catching…

Little Creative Factory Barcelona

What's new at Sweet William? The arrival of Little Creative Factory and their exuberant collection entitled "Playing Under Construction". Simple, retro-inspired styles, full of personality and creative flair.