What are mochilas ? If you have already spotted them in the press or in chic boutiques, you will surely have memorised their iconic shape and colourful patterns. These sought after cotton bags are hand woven in South America and they are all different from one another, which makes them even more special. Also called “Mochilas Wayuu”, they are produced by tribes in the North of Colombia. The Wayuu women weave following an ancestral art form, that passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter for generations.
The quality of the waving is incredible, tight and strong and the geometrical patterns come in various combinations of bright, neon colours to more earthy and neutral tones. Super flashy, they will illuminate a white or a black outfit, darker or in faded coulours they will add a stylish touch to any silhouette.  Mochilas are both playful, ethnical and timeless – a prefect functional accessory. Available in large or small sizes (for children).

Mochillas Bobo Kid




Bobo Kid Mochillas


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