Use of bright colours and alternative patterns, t-shirts filled with stars and large stripes of different colours, yellow and blue make-up : the new collection by Nixie Clothing shows obvious influences of ever changing David Bowie and his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Sticking to the brand ethic’s, Nixie used bamboo jersey to create a modern and future forward look. A good reminder that David Bowie is the artist who made everyone understand that it’s OK to colour the world. Kids can only approve, and love this collection.

A bit more about Nixie Clothing :

  • A bohemian ‘English eccentric’ brand was created by Nicole Frobusch in 2006 in London
  • The brand’s inspiration comes from nature, ancient tribes, folklore and fairytales, always having in mind the small detail and the magic of childhood.
  • Large usage of combinations of natural fabrics with vintage silks.
  • Known for their sustainability; respect for the environment so that people that work with them and nature might survive.
  • Believing in a culture that can last and give less interest to quality but more to quality, making reduce, reuse and recycle their philosophy.
  • Biodegradable packagings, vintage buttons and fabrics, vegetable dyes.