Based in Latvia, Inga and Evija (two sisters) recently launched an indie design brand called Eduardo Cattus. Not an obvious thing at first sight, for Inga graduated in economics and  Evija in environment science.  But their childhood was much about fashion and fabrics and their mother, a professional dressmaker with more than 20 years of experience, greatly inspired their life choice.

All the tees (pandas, elephants, deers) are designed and produced in Riga. At this stage Inga handles the design and Evija the business side, but they could be in the opposite positions in the next project. The Eduardo Cattus t-shirts are sold in Riga as well as in several Latvian stores, and also on Inga and Evija are now working on their own e-store, and on their export development. Their first international exposure was on Fab. Goos luck to them.