©DEUZ_MarieEtCharlotte.jpgDEUZ. Reading about them made me realized that there are quite a few children’s businesses handled by pairs, so expect a few more “sister’s interviews” on Pirouette. Family business is not dead!

Charlotte, 30, financial controller & fear free globtrotter. She played her magic calculator in NYC, London & Mexico to the great benefit of luxury group LVMH – and most probably her own pleasure as well. She now takes her DEUZ files and her shiny rain- bow flip flops around the world, looking for dedicated manufacturers and printers.

Marie, 32, graphic designer and happy mum of little Jules. Graduate from “les Arts Deco” in Strasbourg, the so-called Miss Pantonne draws, cuts and creates pieces with designs and colours to wake you up.
What was your dream job when you were kids
Marie : architect (changed her mind after the collapse of her giant wooden hut in summer 1986)
Charlotte : stud farm manager
Your favorite book and film when you were kids
book : “The giving tree”, by Shel Silverstein – simple and breathtaking
film : Super 8 mm films shot by our Daddy, starring the whole family
book : the old Larousse Illustré, for the amazing plate on butterfliesfilm : “Le roi et l’oiseau”, by Paul Grimault – first vertigo …
What inspires you/creates excitement for you at the moment
Marie : all the graphic surprises life is offering on a daily basis, in the streets, magazines, bookstores
Charlotte : the passionate printers, taylors and other designers I meet, who work with scissors and Pantone guides in their hands rather than calculator !
Your favorite city in the world and why
Marie : Montpellier, for its dazzling light that gives great contrasts

Charlotte : I have lived in NYC, Mexico, London, Paris … but there is no city like the one I am about to discover ! (Next trip on my list : Istanbul for it is joining the extremes, Orient and Occident, ancient and modern … I love bridges.)

Your favorite website related to children

Marie : www.revuedada.fr
Charlotte : Pirouette ! (truly one of my fav), www.ringoatelier.com

Favorite children’s stores

Marie : Pomme de reinette et Pomme d’Api in Montpellier, Balouga gallery in Paris
Charlotte : Les Petits Monstres in Paris 18ème (finally a great selection in my neighourhood, with storytelling sessions). Next shop to contact/visit : Chalkboard in Shanghai recommended by 2 friends and Pirouette !
The book on your bedside table; what you like about it

Marie : “Les Saisons” by BlexBolex for the simplicity and poetry of its illustrations

Charlotte : “Exercice de Style” by Raymond Queneau, each page in french + opposite page for the italian translation (I am trying to learn italian !)