Pink is an obsession for every girl between age 2 and 3. This is just a rule, and don’t try to fight too hard. I bought the most gorgeous clothes for my girls around that age : minimal grey dress from Tuss, taupe bohemian top from Antik Batik,  vintage looking brown coat from Maan,  charcoal cashmere jumper from mor mor rita, blue tunique from Essentiel Girls,  to mention only a few of my favorites. They simply refused to even try them on. I thought I had done something wrong because all they wanted to wear was pink, pink and pink. They were not even subtle about it: no powdery, tea or old pink, just the piggie-ham, the less suitable to their fair complexion. So I decided to feed them their passion and I bought all the pink I could find at H&M, the more girlie the better, lots of trims, sparkles and overload of decorations. They loved that very much until they little by little started to shift towards lighter tones, shocking pink and even purple. Now at age 4 and 5, they like to explore the whole color spectrum. See, it is only a question of time after all.