Sarah Hand and Bridget Jacottet –  Above, products from Kidsen


Bridget Jacottet and Sarah Hand are the two founders of London PR agency SAIBR for aspiring family brands – from birth and beyond. Their clients include Kidsen, the UK’s first Scandinavian children’s retailer and the National Youth Ballet of Great Britain. I was impressed by SAIBR PR Agency from the day I received their first emails, promoting their clients. I embarked in an informal conversation with the talented pair… 

How long have you been in the children’s industry?

We have been working in PR for 30 years between us and we have worked across a broad spectrum of clients such as John Lewis, Waitrose, Kellogg’s, Robinson’s, National Youth Ballet and Green Baby. We started SAIBR PR in February 2011 so it’s still our new baby.

What are your favourite cities in the world and why?

Bridget – For me it’s Paris and the cobbled streets of Le Marais. My guilty pleasure is the hotel Pavillon de la Reine. I love walking around the Jewish area eating falafel and watching people go by. I also love French children’s clothes shops.

Sarah – If I didn’t live in London I would definitely head for New York. I feel like I’m stepping into a film set every time I go! I love children’s boutique Sweet William it sells the most adorable things.

Have you seen interesting/new children’s stores that you liked recently?

We love Scandinavian children’s store Kidsen. The founder Corina is a master at finding beautiful things for kids. Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks is a new favourite find. It sells fab non toxic products for the whole family. As we represent family brands we are always peeking into shops!

An online destination, preferably children’s related, that inspire you?

We are inspired Divalysscious mums a New York mums trends and Events inspired site, it is so New York and glamorous it’s very inspiring for us.

A magazine, preferably children’s related, that you like to follow?

We relish looking at the photography in Milk Magazine. It’s great and you never tire of it.  Angels and Urchins is an outstanding guide for London’s parents – it’s a very cool publication and is full of fantastic, finds for children.

What inspires you at the moment?

The power of twitter and how it is unites and helps brands, mums, press in fact everyone! It’s fantastic for finding things out, sharing and speaking directly to journalists and bloggers.

The interesting places in the area where you live?

 Sarah – I live in Kensal Green which is buzzing with new shop, bar, restaurant and deli openings. It has the oldest English Cemetery still in use, The Lexi Cinema which has a great kids club, the best flower shop in London Scarlet and Violet and of course Kidsen…you can’t go wrong!

Bridget – I live in Crouch End and it’s a hub for little boutiques and independent shops. It’s great for families as there are lots of parks including Stationers with a new big fort! I love Virgin gym as it has a brilliant creche for the kids and Dunnes the big family run bakery which is great for traditional cakes and bread including current bun men!

Your favourite place for family holidays?

Kent coast covering Camber Sands, Dungeness, Rye, Tenterden. So beautiful and eerie with lots to do for little people. Alderburgh, Suffolk is another favourite spot. It’s worth a visit if only for the famous Alderburgh Fish and Chip shop!

Your perfect Sunday?  A lie in would be nice followed by the Sunday papers but that hasn’t happened for a long time ! Failing that watching the kids play in Golders Hill Park followed by a big roast with lashings of ice-cream and a film!