.Brand name ZOLIMA – Name of the company Zolima limited

Date of creation  Spring 2009

Country of origin French in Hong Kong – Country of production Asia

Name of the founder Nicole Andrianjaka de Surville

Where does the name come from? Zolima is a family story Zo(e) Li(lou) Ma(ya) are Nicole’s 3 daughters

Number of employees We are a team of 5 people among us several creative free lancers

Number of sales points About 35 – 50 in summer 2012

Three stores that are loyal to you We are just starting to get our 2nd orders from same clients in France, Hong Kong, Belgium. So it’s still too early to mention any loyal customer

Own e-store  Not yet

Company tag line A French designer in the Far East

What makes the brand unique ? The richness and originality of Zolima’s French designer’s “East meets West” experience is Zolima’s starting point and inspiration. Oriental graphic codes and symbols are reinterpreted in a creative and charming retro-chic yet fresh and contemporary style. The Chinese peony flower reappears throughout the garment and accessory collections in a way that brightens up and modernizes, and even reinvents the delicate and traditional Chinese icon admired throughout all dynasties and Chinese empires. 

Thanks to modern cuts, a mix of delicate embroideries, and subtle blends of earthy and fruitful colours, Zolima has a joyful and airy feel that speaks to both little ones and their mothers who embrace a distinctive and personal style out of mainstream fashion. Zolima carries also a rich collection of accessories for both children and their savvy mums, little suitcases (a very distinctive Zolima product), poaches, little cases, swimming bags, passport holders, card holders. Practical, functional and stylish.

All our prints are exclusively made by Zolima’s team. They all come in organic cotton. Zolima is concerned by the environment.

Zolima starts a partnership with Pandas International a US NGO that is dedicated to save the giant panda from extinction. Zolima has developed a special Panda jersey line in organic cotton certified GOTS.

A quote from a client or a journalist? Chic, Fresh and unique. A tasteful glimpse into China

How many pieces per collection Garment about 120 pieces, Accessories about 50 pieces

Main materials used Fibers are natural with an eco-friendly ethos. Jerseys, poplins, satins and voiles are all made of organic cotton. In winter we ad wool and cashmere.

All prints are exclusively created by and for Zolima.

Nicole, tell us bit more about you…

What inspires you at the moment? Movies depicting the 30’s, architecture structures with stripes effects and round angles. Shui Mei a Chinese artist

What are your favorite cities in the world and why? Beijing for the secluded parts of the Forbidden city. I spent my early 20ies in that city when after 8 pm, only a few cars were on the roads and bicycles were the main mean of transportation. Paris for its early morning light shimmering above the Seine, and the Place des Vosges. Berlin, for its tragic history and the creativity of its 30’s.

The places of interest in your city? Tokyo Joe, special in-house astonishing sushis that can’t be found anywhere else. …hum not too eco-friendly… Lucy’s at the sea front, little coffee shop by the sea front that serves delicious fresh sandwiches. (terraces are extremely rare in Hong Kong).

Dim sums in several places throughout Hong Kong. China Club for its tremendous contemporary Chinese art and genuine retro feeling.

Magazines that inspire you Luna, Doolittle, Elle deco UK, Milk