“My name is Queenie from San Franciso, California and I would like to share with you on my recent post about my two special needs children I added on my blog. Please take time to read it and please spread the word for me since you might never know who might end up reading my post and might know someone that are in same or similar situation as I am and I just want to be there in case I am  needed. Or maybe someone would just be interested to learn about me, my family, my work and my plush?”.
The message I received from Queenie really touched me. For the situation itself (a mother of two young children in special needs), for the incredible courage and humour of the mother “I told my husband that we should play the lottery because the chances of having both a vision and hearing impaired kids are very very rare especially since both side of the families have no history”. And it touched me  for the generousity behind the blog idea. Queenie  wants to be here for, help in whatever she can, families going through a similar situation. We can certainly all help by spreading the word.

Take time to read her incredible story. It’s a reminder of the many simple things we have to be grateful for, including the kindness of Queenie sharing her story.