New York brand Tuchinda, known for their Liberty print dresses, launched small range of beautifully made knits for S/S14. Their Tyson Cardigan, luxurious Italian Cotton yarn, is quite remarkable, with colours and loops reminding exotic flower petals. A way for designer Tina Tuchinda to show how textural and 3-dimensional knitwear could be.

The Tyson Cardigan is definitely a piece that stands out  from the collection because the looped sleeves are unique, striking, and fun.  Another great piece is the Reagan Cardigan, that mimics the look of vintage denim with abrasions.  The abrasions are actually programmed in and is very cutting edge for knitwear, especially children’s knitwear.  The Tuchinda knitwear will be available around December 13/January 14.
At this time, Tuchinda produces everything in NYC in order to be involved in quality control as much as possible.  The retail price for range from $70-$140.

About Tuchinda

What is the inspiration for Tuchinda?

The inspiration for Tuchinda started with the birth of my son, Hunter, and the enjoyment I have dressing him everyday.  Tuchinda embodies the artistic, sophisticated, and inspired approach I have to dressing my son.

My son motivated me to take a closer look at the childrenswear market and I quickly realized there weren’t enough options for what I loved.  With a background in fashion design, I decided I would make his clothes myself.  By the time Hunter was 6 months old, I was quietly creating clothing for him while he slept at night.  Soon after, I was sewing and designing day an